This course will give students some hands-on experience with copyediting, an essential skill. Students will learn some of the technical details important to today's publishers of newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and books, working from the publishers' own manuals of style. Because good copyediting requires knowledge of matters of usage (e.g., restrictive and nonrestrictive elements; commas; em-dashes and en-dashes; systems of citation like MLA, Chicago, and AP) not always taught in high schools, this course should be of interest to any student who wishes to learn about grammar, syntax, and style. We will also work on revising sentences for clarity, variety, coherence, and beauty, and we will do some fact-checking. This course is one of three core courses required for the Publishing concentration in the English major. This course does not count toward the Creative Writing Concentration
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM

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