Copy editors are essential in publishing. They are among the last readers to check a work before it goes into print or is posted online; successful or poor copyediting can have a significant influence on a publication's reputation. In addition to knowledge of grammar and usage, successful copy editors must have curiosity about a wide range of general subjects. They must know what resources can answer questions that arise in texts they are editing, and they must use judgment in communicating with authors. All of these skills are of use in fields well beyond publishing. Therefore, this class is for any student who wishes to know about such resources as usage guides (Garner, Fowler, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of usage); dictionaries (the Oxford English Dictionary; Merriam-Webster); and manuals of style (Chicago, AP, MLA). We will hear from guest speakers who have experience in editing and/or having their own work edited. Students will do some hands-on work in editing sample texts from a house style we develop over the course of the semester. This course is one of three core courses required for the Publishing concentration in the English major. This course does not count toward the Creative Writing Concentration.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM

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