Craft of Fiction


Although the title of this course is Advanced Microfiction, we'll be looking at multiple genres of micro-prose, and you're encouraged to experiment outside of your genre if you'd like to. The course take a deep-dive into micro-prose as a form, but will also investigate the myriad ways writers have emptied the form inside of larger format works, including chapbooks, story / prose poetry collections, and modular fiction (stories and novels). How does one piece resonate into another in a longer collection? What "connective tissue" exists to bind a work as a whole? Readings include books by Khadijah Queen, Luis Jaramillo, Steven Dunn, Ross Gay, Joy Williams, and many other writers across genres. Students will work toward completion of their own micro-prose chapbooks through in and out of class prompts, workshopping, close-editing and revision. For undergraduates, a previous 300-level creative wiring course is required. This course counts toward the Creative Writing Concentration. Please be aware that this course enrolls directly from the waitlist to preserve seats for incoming MFA students; students aren't enrolled until notified by the instructor.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM; WR F

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Craft of Fiction
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