The Craft of Poetry: The Prose Poem


With a broad understanding of what a lyric poem is, we will center the semester around discussions of various formal and thematic movements that seem to distinguish our current period of poetic production from other periods. Some of the questions we might ask include: what are the ways in which Asian American poetic approaches to the lyric have shaped and altered contemporary poetry? How are hybrid and documentary poetries expanding or changing our understanding of the lyric? And what way is a burgeoning poetics of class, particularly one rooted in working-class and/or rural economies, transforming the field of poetry? We will read poems, discuss essays, and workshop poems. Texts may include works by: Paisley Rekdal, Suji Kwock Kim, and Cynthia Cruz. This course counts toward the Creative Writing Concentration. PREREQS: Undergraduate students must have taken Writing 322 Poetry 2 to enroll.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM; WR P

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The Craft of Poetry: The Prose Poem
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