Creative Writing Capstone Seminar


This multi-genre workshop is designed for English majors who are concentrating in creative writing and who are interested in pursuing a long-form project (a collection of stories, poems, or essays; a novel or novella; a longer memoir). The course is also open to advanced writers from outside the concentration or major, as long as they have met the prerequisites, but these students will be expected to apply for enrollment by submitting a 10-12 page sample of their work (in the instructor's mailbox in the English office by December 1, 2021). We will pursue the workshop quite differently, to better accommodate the development of longer works, and the literature we read will be in direct conversation with those projects. Pre-Requisites: Students must have completed the 200 and 300 level course sequence in their genre for the concentration.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Creative Writing Capstone Seminar
INSTRUCTOR: Klimasewiski
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