English & Writing Minors

The English Minor

The minor in English requires half the coursework of the English major, and consists of five courses comprising fifteen units:

1. Two 200-level prerequisite courses:
English Literature 2151: Early Texts and Contexts
English Literature 2152: Modern Texts and Contexts

2. Three upper-division (300- or 400-level) electives
These elective courses must be home-based in the English department. Minors are expected to take English classes for letter grades and to receive a grade of C or better in each. 

The Writing Minor

In addition to its offerings in literary history, the English department presents dozens of courses each semester in the writing of poetry, fiction, drama, and various forms of non-fiction, as well as advanced classes in argumentative and expository writing. The writing minor consists of fifteen units derived from five course designated as Writing: L13.

One of five required courses must be either L13 311: Exposition or L13 312: Argumentation.

The other four course choices are open to the student, but no more than two classes (or six units) may be taken at the 200 (lower-division) level. 

Please note: College Writing, required of most first-year students, cannot be counted toward the writing minor.

With English department approval, up to six units of journalism courses in writing or editing offered in University College may be counted toward the writing minor. An off-campus internship (Writing 298) introducing students to professional writing can be substituted for one of the required 200-level courses. These two alternatives may not be combined; in other words, regardless of their level, at least three courses (for nine units) must be chosen from the English department offerings listed above. 

Undergraduates involved in the Howard Nemerov Program may count two semesters of the 200-level Nemerov seminar (L43 211) as three units of 200-level work toward the writing minor. Similarly, two semesters of the 300-level Nemerov seminar (L43 3111) may count as three units of 300-level work toward the writing minor. A maximum of six Howard Nemerov units in all may be applied to the writing minor.

Students who wish to earn a writing minor in addition to an English major are advised to apply English and American literature courses (designated as English Literature: L 14) exclusively to the major and Writing courses (designated as Writing: L 13) exclusively to the minor.

Students in every branch of the writing minor must receive a grade of C or better in each requisite class.

Regardless of level, at least 9 units counted toward the minor must be completed in regular courses home-based in writing.