Global Hispanic Studies


This graduate seminar provides a critical overview of the field of Global Hispanic Studies as an essential area of research that explores cultural and literary production throughout the Hispanic world across traditional historical periods, and border-bound geopolitical and geographical areas. The course thus explores the various ways in which the field of Global Hispanic Studies today connects with closely related areas of scholarly inquiry, such as Transatlantic Studies, Transpacific Studies, Hemispheric Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Third World/ Global South Studies, African Diaspora Studies, Migration Studies (including Exile), and World Literature. The seminar is structured into a series of different sub-sections that aims as a whole to frame the field of Global Hispanic Studies as an interdisciplinary and transnational area of scholarship and research. This format combines the analysis of important critical and theoretical readings (by authors such as Adam Lifshey for Transpacific Studies, Boaventura de Sousa Santos for the Global South, or Pascale Casanova for World Literature), with the close reading of a series of primary texts central to the overall field of Global Hispanic Studies across different historical periods. Graduate students only. In English.
Course Attributes: