Joey Hong

Fulbright Scholar
Graduate Student, Literature
Joey Hong

I am interested in the genre of what is called the transgothic. The genre refers to the integration of transgender studies and Gothic literature. My interest lies in the ways that this genre allows us to detect the fluidity of the human being beyond cisgender-centered heteronormativity and humanity. I believe the transgothic creates ruptures in standards about the human body, identity, and culture through Gothic elements such as supernatural creatures and monstrous beings, resisting any limit or boundary that inhibits the development of the human. Furthermore, I would like to pioneer the research on 'the transgothic bildungsroman' to investigate how entities with nonnormative identities represent themselves in writings and how they negotiate their selfhood with their cisgender-oriented patriarchal surroundings. I aim to examine the transgothic within the frame of American fiction after the 1800s. 

contact info:

research interests:

  • Gothic and Speculative Fictions
  • New Weird
  • Posthumanism and Nonhumans
  • New Materialisms
  • Queer/Trans* Studies
  • TERF Wars and Transphobia
  • Contemporary Queer Popular Culture
  • Philosophies of Love, Erotics, and Sexualities
  • Life Writing and Bildungsroman
  • American Fiction after the 1800s
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