Joshua Brorby

Graduate Student, Literature

My research focuses on how British novelists in the nineteenth century engaged with, responded to, and anticipated problems in the emergent field of comparative philology, or the "science of language." How were notions of nationality, race, and gender formulated by scholars of language theory, and how did fiction writers imagine those concepts differently? I'm particularly interested in writers living in the shadow of colonial projects that brought them into direct contact with the languages and dialects about which they wrote.


Cornelison English, 1st Prize, 2017, for “Unwitnessed Eyewitness Accounts: Skepticism and Uncertainty in Dryden’s 1660s Poetry”

Humanities Digital Workshop Summer Fellowship, 2016, 2017

Courses Taught

Writing 103: What is Justice? (Instructor), 2017, 2018

English Lit 3525: Topics in Literature: 19th Century Science Fiction (Teaching Assistant), 2018

Departmental Service

Peer Mentor, 2016-18

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