Long Le-Khac

​Assistant Professor of English
research interests:
  • 20th Century and Later American Literature
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  • Washington University
  • CB 1122
  • One Brookings Dr.
  • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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Long Le-Khac's research interests include Asian American, Latina/o, and contemporary American literatures. Recent courses include "Imagining Multi-Racial Coalitions" and "Literature of the New U.S. Immigration."

Long Le-Khac’s research interests include Asian American, Latina/o, and contemporary American literatures, race and ethnicity studies, transnational and migration studies, narrative theory, and digital humanities. He is currently at work on a book project tentatively titled Transnarrative: Giving Form to Asian and Latina/o America. It argues for comparative attention to the literary transformations developing within the two racial groups most rapidly transforming the contemporary American social landscape. The study examines how Asian American and Latina/o writers expand the capacities of decentered narrative forms to theorize the tensions that migration, diversification, and interethnic coalition building generate.



  • L14 160 First-Year Seminar: Easy Riders, Migrant Laborers: American Mobility in Literature and Film
  • L14 316 Topics in Literature: American Fiction from World War II to Today
  • L14 317 Growing Up 'Different': The Ethnic Bildungsroman in a Diversifying America
  • L14 423 Imagining Multi-Racial Coalitions
  • L14 461 Ocean, Island, Ghetto, Globe: The Routes and Horizons of Asian American Lit
  • L14 523 The 20th Cent: Literature of the New U.S. Immigration