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Writing the Visual World

Writing 205 - Spring 2020

In our modern world, we are bombarded by images on a daily basis--graffiti artists "tag" our brick buildings; billboards line our highways; models stare back at us from the pages of glossy magazines; photos and videos of injustice and violence, peaceful protest and civil disobedience, confront us on social media; vapid images flash endlessly on our television and computer screens. But what is our role within this visual culture? Are we passive spectators or active participants? How does our personal, social, or cultural situation shape what and how we see and experience the world? Throughout this course, students will explore these (and other) questions by drawing from a wide range of discourse communities and genres, including (but not limited to) art history, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, memoir, nonfiction, and creative writing. Readings and assignments are designed to enhance students' awareness of the relationship between writing and their observations and experiences of the visual world. Essay assignments will enable students to explore the visual world and their personal interest in related subjects (such as art, film, social media, and advertising). The course includes four essays, as well as peer review workshops, oral presentation, and revision. Additionally, students will prepare for essay assignments by generating ideas and experimenting with form and style through a series of in-class writing exercises. This course does not count toward the Creative Writing Concentration.

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Writing the Visual World
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