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Creative Writing Capstone Seminar

Writing 490 - Spring 2020

This is a course for undergraduates who have been seriously applying themselves to their writing and now feel ready to tackle a longer series or book project--a work more involved than the typical creative writing workshop can make space for. The course will therefore differ from a traditional workshop in important ways. To begin with, students will not be separated by genre. Furthermore, rather than looking at individual stories, essays, or poems when we meet as a group we will focus on recent (within the last ten or twenty years) first books in each of our three genres. The reading list will include a mix of local and national authors, and we will hear from each author as to their experience writing a first book and getting it published. In this way, students will come to understand something more of what writing a book requires, and will also gain insight into paths toward publication. Perhaps most significantly, this class will emphasize independent work and one-on-one meetings with the professor; there will be only one round of group workshops at the tail end of the semester. To enroll, students must have finished (or be finishing concurrently) the full sequence in one of the three creative writing tracks, OR they should apply to the professor for special admittance. Please note that this course does NOT count toward the sequence of courses required for completion of the creative writing concentration or as an elective.
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Creative Writing Capstone Seminar
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