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Literature Seminar for Freshmen

English Literature 151 - Spring 2020

In this introductory course, students of literature and/or the medical humanities will begin their training in reading texts closely, analyzing them, and writing about them by examining depictions of physicians in a selection of short--but important--literary works. We will begin in the late nineteenth century with physician-writers (or writer-physicians) including Chekhov and William Carlos Williams. We will study the fictional responses by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Virginia Woolf to the "rest cure" employed by Silas Weir Mitchell. Our readings will include influential depictions of physicians by George Eliot, Kafka, and Hemingway, and the course will conclude with short stories by modern doctor-writers like Louise Aronson and Vincent Lam. As we read, we will focus both on physician characters and on the craft the authors use to depict them. Four writing assignments, one presentation, and daily class discussion will encourage students to bring creative and analytical thinking to college-level academic writing and speaking.
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Literature Seminar for Freshmen
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