Topics in Composition


This course focuses on the sometimes generative, sometimes fraught relationship between writers and editors in the digital media landscape. We will read autobiographical accounts of transformative editorial relationships, engage current debates about the sustainability of online journalism and criticism, and come to terms with the work of writers and editors in an era of clicks and content. The bulk of the class will be focused on assignments that allow you to work as both editors and writers. In the editorial mode, you'll choose between pitches, offer developmental feedback, commission essays for your venue, and usher your writer through the publication process; as a writer, you'll pitch editors, reshape ideas, run through drafts, and work with your editor to find a common ground. Students will be asked to generate ideas for a variety of common forms-reviews, interviews, explainers, op-eds, short blog posts, topical think-pieces, etc.-and follow through the process of development from both sides. We will pitch and critique pitches, draft and curate, revise and re-structure, even collaboratively design social media publicity strategies. Because this course is focused on the practice of writing for online venues, all interest areas are welcome, from culture to politics, business to science. This course does not count toward the Creative Writing Concentration. This course counts towards the Publishing Concentration.
Course Attributes: BU Hum; AS WI I; EN H; AS HUM

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Topics in Composition
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